Cradles discharge the important function of keeping the top apron in position over the rotating apron top roller so that fibres are effectively guided in the main draft zone. TeraSpin Smart cradles are made from fibre-reinforced polymer material for improved dimensional stability, long lives, and ease of handling.


Smart Cradles

Smart Cradles

(For better yarn quality)

TeraSpin's newly developed Smart cradles (patent pending) for ring frames give better yarn quality. These high quality components have fibre reinforced polymer bodies that ensure complete dimensional stability and can readily replace existing metal cradles. TeraSpin Smart cradles (both short and medium) ensure an overall improvement in the performance of drafting systems.
Manufactured by: A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited (Business Unit: TeraSpin)

      Key Features 
  • Minimum contact area minimises friction during apron rotation
  • Unique design ensures a fixed radius and hence a uniform distance between apron nip and front roller nip
  • Accommodates variations in apron length and maintains uniform apron tension
  •   Variants 
  • OH S 168 for ring frame (70 mm gauge, short cradle)
  • OH S 175 for ring frame (75 mm gauge, short cradle)
  • OH P 110 for roving frame (110 mm gauge, short cradle)
  • OH P 310 for roving frame (110 mm gauge, medium cradle)
  • Reduced yarn imperfections
  • Longer apron working life
  • Easy apron removal and mounting during maintenance

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