Vision and Mission


We will deliver M2M based continuous monitoring and automation solutions to focused customer segments, significantly impacting the way they manage their assets.



We will achieve this by addressing our customer’s key need of continuous resource optimisation, understanding processes and applications in depth and engaging strategically with domain experts.




  • for customers and all stakeholders
  • for welfare and work-life balance of all team members
  • for the environment and society


  • to honesty and truthfulness
  • to learning and upgrading skills and knowledge
  • to seeing things with a long term view and without shortcuts
  • towards the company rules and one’s duties and responsibilities
  • to the timely completion of jobs as promised
  • to achieving excellence


  • to facts – acting without bias or partiality
  • to receiving feedback regardless of who gives it
  • to giving feedback frankly but in a polite manner


  • in solving problems in new ways;
  • in creating new processes
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