AxisLog is a data logger hardware that to equipment control systems over Modbus RTU to acquire data from various devices.




(Data logger hardware)

The AxisLog AL100 is a data logger hardware which connects to the equipment control system over Modbus, acquires and stores up to 100 parameters, and periodically uploads the data over FTP to a central server over LAN, broadband, PSTN, GPRS.

Available Models:
AL100L LAN version
AL100G (LAN and GPRS)
AL100P (LAN and PSTN)
Manufactured by: A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited (Business unit: EcoAxis)

  • Serial Interface; RS485 (Optional: RS232 OR RS422 port)
  • Data acquisition from third party devices over Modbus RTU (master and slave), Modbus ASCII as per Modbus Application Protocol V1.1b
  • Configurable baud rate (1200 to 115200)
  • Other protocols such as MPI, PPI, DF1 using external converter
  • 10/ 100MBPS Ethernet
  • Connection to local PC for configuration through webserver
  • Modbus TCP connectivity to any 3rd party SCADA system (Optional)
  • Data transfer over LAN/ Broadband
  • SD card slot (optional)
  • For data flash backup
  • Supports SD card size up to 4GB , pre-formatted with FAT32
  •   Other Details 
  • User interface: in-built HTML pages that display the current values of tags in tabular format
  • Maintenance and diagnostics: status screens for system status and FTP status
  • Diagnostic mode for troubleshooting of flash memory operations, data memory, RTC, communications, error log, event log
  • Error and event logs sent over FTP to server, every FTP interval
  •   Hardware/OS 
  • Dimensions: 45.5 mm (W) x 77 mm (H) x 114 mm (D)
  • External power supply 24 VDC @ 1A
  • Enclosure: ABS
  • Front label: Colored polycarbonate front with text labels and status LEDs
  • Environmental specifications: temperature: 0 to 55ºC, humidity: up to 90 percent RH (non-condensing)
  • Status LEDs: power, CPU status, serial link, modem, ethernet link, ethernet activity
  • Vibration: in operation, vibration shall be less than 0.4 G with complex amplitude less than 0.5 mm, peak to peak, frequency less than 20 Hz. In transport, vibration shall be less than 2.0 G with complex amplitude less than 0.5 mm, peak to peak, frequency less than 20 Hz
  • Noise: will operate without adverse effect when subject to no more than 2 kV voltage spike between power supply lines or between power supply and ground
  •   Data Acquisition and Storage 
  • Supported number of parameters 100 parameters (in any combination of analog or digital). Each analog parameter is 32/16 bit and up to 16 digital parameters can be combined into a 16 bit word
  • Data acquisition: single register read/block read, trigger for block read
  • Storage device and capacity: non-volatile flash memory - 7,00,000 records
  • Snapshot on alarm state (optional): snapshot of critical parameters on change of alarm state. Alarms are polled at the configured interval and checked for change
  •   Data Transfer 
  • Server connectivity through LAN, broadband through GPRS, PSTN
  • Data transfer protocol: FTP (client mode)
  • FTP transfer interval: configurable - 3 FTP groups - each can range from 00:01-99:59 (HH:MM format)
  • Data file structure: individual .CSV files for each tag, CSV file consisting of equipment name, value, time, and date stamp
  • Secure FTP (optional): SSL feature

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