AxisLog Mini is a data logger hardware which connects to the equipment control system over Modbus.




(Data logger hardware)

AxisLog Mini acquires and stores up to 40 Modbus parameters and periodically uploads these over FTP to a central server over GPRS. It sends SMS alerts to user on pre-configured conditions/events. It can be configured through RS232 serial port, over FTP and selectively over SMS.
Manufactured by: A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited (Business unit: EcoAxis)

  • Serial interface: RS485, half-duplex (2-wire) port. RS232 option instead of RS485 is also available
  • Configurable standard baud rates (2400 to 115200)
  • Supported industrial protocols
  • Data acquisition from third party devices over Modbus RTU (master only), Modbus ASCII as per Modbus Application Protocol V1.1b
  • Other protocols such as MPI, PPI, DF1 using external converter
  • Data acquisition from sensors requires external signal conditional modules to be interfaced over Modbus
  • User interface RS232 for configuration/display of status. The tags/status/data can be viewed in tabular format using hyper-terminal over RS232
  • Supported number of parameters 40 parameters (in any combination of analog or digital). Each analog parameter is 32/16 bit depending on the data type
  •   Data Acquisition and Storage 
  • Data logging frequency (configurable): 2 logging groups - each can range from 1-99999 seconds
  • Data logging interval (configurable): 6 logging groups - each can range from 1-99999 seconds
  • Data logging: Log all polled values
  • Trigger for block read
  • Data acquisition: single register read/block read
  • Mini does not support combination of several DI parameters to form one Analog parameter. However this combination can be done at the slave device
  •   Data Transfer 
  • Data file structure: individual .CSV files for each tag. CSV file consisting of equipment name, value, time, and date stamp. The files can be directly viewed in Microsoft Excel or suitable viewers
  • Data transfer protocol: FTP
  • FTP transfer interval (configurable): 2 FTP interval groups - each can range from 00:01 to 99:59 (HH:MM format)
  • Storage device and capacity: non-volatile flash memory - 7,00,000 records
  • Server connectivity: GPRS
  •   Other Details 
  • Configuration: AxisLog Mini can be configured in 3 ways: Configuration file download through RS232 interface, configuration file download/upload over FTP, select configurations by SMS from 2 configured users
  • Maintenance and diagnostics: system status (date / time, Modbus status, and FTP status) available over RS232 (hyperterminal)
  • Diagnostic mode for troubleshooting of data memory operations, RTC, communications, and SMS logic
  • Error and event logs sent over FTP to server, every FTP interval
  • Security access control: 2 levels of access (for example: operator, supervisor)
  • Tag read/write: tag read or write possible through SMS from 2 authenticated users
  • SMS alerts: Send SMS on alarm condition maximum 10 users and 15 alerts. Alert conditions are user configurable.
  •   Hardware/OS 
  • Enclosure: ABS
  • Dimensions: 22.5 mm (W) x 76.5 mm (H) x 114 mm (D)
  • Vibration: in operation, vibration shall be less than 0.4 G with complex amplitude less than 0.5 mm, peak to peak, frequency less than 20 Hz. In transport, vibration shall be less than 2.0 G with complex amplitude less than 0.5 mm, peak to peak, frequency less than 20 Hz
  • Noise: will operate without adverse effect when subject to no more than 2 kV voltage spike between power supply lines or between power supply and ground
  • Data memory: 7 Mbytes
  • Front label: Colored polycarbonate front with text and status LEDs
  • Environmental specifications: temperature: 0 to 55ºC, humidity: up to 90 percent RH (non-condensing)
  • Microcontroller: ARM7TDMI based microcontroller @ 48 MHz
  • Status LED: P - power on, S - CPU status, M - Modbus serial link, C - modem communication
  • External power supply: 24 VDC @ 1A

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