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Internet of Things (IoT) technology provides previously unavailable value to key stakeholders. EcoAxis is one the very few companies, which has developed in-house hardware and software data collectors, as well as an analytics platform. Called SuperAxis™, this platform is specifically designed around the needs of the industrial and facilities markets. Our technology provides seamless integration of data acquisition, M2M communications, real or near real-time database, Big Data analytics, and Business Intelligence embedded visualization combined with industrial process know-how.


EcoAxis’ solutions provide our customers with enhanced operational productivity, improved performance, reduced equipment life cycle cost, and greater energy efficiency. Utilizing SuperAxis™, OEMs can effectively manage their installed base by providing smart after-sales service resulting in faster complaint resolutions, improved MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), and automated service dispatch using mobile devices. In turn, OEMs can enjoy the benefits of increased service productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction and retention. Furthermore, operational information thus gathered and analyzed helps OEMs improve the design of their products. Like OEMs, equipment rental companies, BOO/O&M service providers, ESCOs, and CDM project owners can benefit by monitoring and maintaining their dispersed assets.


EcoAxis’ portfolio of products and solutions includes a specialised register control system for the graphic control industry that provides one of the best cost-to-performance ratios in the industry. This register control platform leverages the platform developed by EcoAxis for general industrial applications. EcoAxis’ print solution products have been well received by customers in both, domestic as well as international markets.

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