Since its inception more than 75 years ago, A.T.E. has been a socially minded organization. The founder of A.T.E., Mr S H Bhagwati was a freedom fighter and a social worker, who set up A.T.E. in the pre-independence era of 1939 to promote Indian economic freedom.

This corporate philosophy of ‘doing business in the best interest of society at large’ is what defines ‘sustainability’ in A.T.E. and is firmly embedded in the DNA of the A.T.E. group. It is the cornerstone of A.T.E.’s business strategy where A.T.E. integrates its social and environmental concerns into its business operations, as well as in its interactions with stakeholders.

Sustainable development can happen only through sustainable business practices dedicated to people, planet and profit. A.T.E.’s framework for sustainable development comprises ‘partnering people and planet’ through three distinct areas:

A.T.E.’s green products involve conserving irreplaceable resources of our planet like energy, air, and water that need to be managed responsibly even as we build an industrial economy integrated into global commerce. You can find details of these here and elsewhere on our website, in this section we also highlight a few green internal processes.



Partnering people

A.T.E. believes it is the duty of every corporate entity and its employees to contribute meaningfully to the welfare of society. It is concerned about continued poor human development and living conditions across the subcontinent, despite socio-economic progress, and is equally concerned with environmental issues and their consequences for posterity.
A.T.E.’s commitment to social action continues with the group being actively involved with various social causes and devoting considerable time, efforts, and resources for these causes. A.T.E. also encourages and creates an enabling environment for its employees to contribute for the welfare of the society – not just through donations and charity but more importantly through volunteering personal time for the welfare and upliftment of the society.

‘We Care’ Objectives and Framework

  1. To help create a sustainable environment by:
    • Limiting the adverse impact of society on the environment
    • Promoting and supporting various environment friendly activities.
  2. To support activities that protects or improves urban management, public infrastructure, common facilities, etc.
  3. To undertake promotion/dissemination of education/knowledge in different fields, especially science, mathematics, and primary education.
  4. To undertake/support work to improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged/distressed sections of society.
  5. To undertake/support relief work in the event of natural calamities.
  6. To promote philanthropy in general.
  7. To undertake/support healthcare and healthcare awareness activities.
  8. To support rural development
  9. To encourage a culture of volunteerism among the employees of the group.
  10. To undertake/support any activity that benefits society at large.
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