About A.T.E.
Established in 1939, A.T.E. has evolved into a multifaceted engineering group offering world-class products and solutions spanning several segments. Our businesses encompass manufacturing, industrial sales, distribution, and service.


We are respected for our values-based operations. We build deep relationships with all our stakeholders. The A.T.E. group is also deeply committed to societal well-being and has been working on achieving social goals through its businesses.


Based in India, A.T.E. has developed several cutting-edge technology products and solutions for the global market. One of our business lines is precision components for textile spinning machinery. We have also developed a number of innovative technologies for eco-friendly cooling, wastewater treatment, energy efficiency.
Our businesses thus encompass the three essential elements of life: Air, waTer, and Energy.
A.T.E. has also developed IoT based remote monitoring solutions for a wide variety of industries. We have a number of products for the print and packaging segment in our portfolio, many of which have been successfully deployed in several parts of the world.


Our business operations at a glance:

  • Textile Engineering – Cutting edge spinning machinery components
  • Cooling – Unique, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly products for space and process cooling.
  • Wastewater Treatment – Comprehensive range of wastewater treatment and recycling solutions for various industries
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions – Concentrated solar thermal energy solutions for industrial process heating
  • Machine-to-Machine Solutions – IoT-based solutions for continuous remote monitoring of industrial plants and equipment as well as energy and environmental resources.
  • Flow Technology – SS sheet metal pumpsets and a variety of hydro-pneumatic systems for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Print and Packaging Equipment – Equipment and accessories for gravure, flexography, web offset, and sheet-fed offset printing.
  • Value Enhancing Solutions – Range of systems for enhancing quality, safety, productivity and energy efficiency for various industries with excellent return on investment.

A.T.E. is now a Star Export House, recognised by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (Government of India). The certificate can be viewed here (PDF, 349 KB).


All A.T.E. group companies are certified under ISO 9001:2015.

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