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AxisValence Electrons Private Limited, Bengaluru – India, is a part of the A.T.E. group and provides world-class solutions for:

  • Control of static electricity in industrial, laboratory and electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications.
  • Ink handling & conditioning for printing, coating, and lamination machines and for related applications
  • Surface cleaning and removal of dust from paper, film, foil and other products
  • Heat recovery from exhaust air on printing, laminating and coating machines


These solutions are designed to improve safety, productivity, and quality in several industries like paper, film, foil manufacturing & conversion, printing, packaging, textile, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, automobile, white goods, tyre, tube, fibre, glass, wood, laminates, etc.


Our core team has a combined experience of over fifty years in business and industry – in application engineering, design and industrial controls. Based on this deep domain expertise, AxisValence products and solutions are setting standards in performance and reliability.


What makes us unique?

We work very hard to ensure that all AxisValence products work optimally. This is possible due to our application-oriented market approach, rather than off-the-shelf selling. We study your specific application requirements and offer cost-effective solutions suited to your needs. Our design, manufacturing, and post-sales teams then coordinate to ensure that every supplied system works to specifications.

We value every customer and every order – small or large. Our endeavour is to build lasting relationships.


Why choose AxisValence?

  • We are innovative
  • We provide customised solutions
  • We strive to give you quality products
  • We provide dedicated and timely support
  • We stand by our commitments
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