The Valstat® Ionising Air Knives or anti-static air knife provides an anti-static (or ionised) blanket of high velocity air, thus ensuring that parts are statically neutral and free of dust.


Valstat® Ionising Air Knives

Valstat® Ionising Air Knives

(Neutralising static charges and dust removal)

The Valstat® Ionising Air Knives neutralises static charges and removes dust as parts proceed into the process area by providing an anti-static blanket of high velocity air. This assures quality and minimises rejection rates. Typical examples include automated paint or process lines.
Manufactured by: Valence Electrons Private Limited, India

      Key Features 
  • Typical application areas include: white goods manufacturing; automotive paint shop; automotive accessories paint lines; consumer electronic goods manufacturing; laminates and decor presses; and biomedical equipment lines
  • The Valstat ionising air knife improves quality and minimises rejection rates
  • Improves quality and minimises rejection rates
  • Prevents electrical shocks to workers
  • Standard and customised solutions available

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